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Tsi Agha, cont. . .
NOTE: One ounce of the ground Tsi-Ahga will yield 224 liquid ounces! How Long Will One Ounce Last? Up to a 2.5 months for a 160 lb. human or animal and Up to a 10 months for a 40 lb. human or animal.

“Twenty-Two Reasons to Drink Tsi-Ahga”: Tsi-Ahga is a word derived from the Southern Nez Perce word “Shiaq’ga”, in the northern dialect and “Tsiag-ha”, in the southern, which means, “To give life,” or “Healing” or “Medicine” in the hands of the Healer. It has been a principle part of the pemmican used by the Native American Tribes of the Northern Plateau People of the Columbia River basin, for millennia. Now, after decades of medical and scientific processes used to discover why the chemistry of this remarkable food promotes health to such a large extent – even “Pan-systemic” or complete body benefits – Tsi-Ahga has found its place worldwide. Dr. Phillip (Cloudpiler) Landis, National Board Certified Naturopath, President of the Utah Naturopathic Medical Association, and Hereditary Medicine Chief of the Numi’Pu Tsu’Peli Chopunish, has said after extensive review and studies, personal and student use.

“In a way only surpassed perhaps by Vitamin C research, the phytoceuticals of Tsi-Ahga have been widely studied by medical and pharmacological researchers in leading American research colleges and hospitals, such as Bethesda Naval Hospital, Harvard University, Cornell University, Baylor Medical College, and reported in such trusted journals as the Townsend Letter, JAMA, Journal of Immunology, etc.…The biologically active components have been so rigorously examined in the laboratory…it is evident that the multiple health benefits of Tsi-Ahga are supported by scientific investigation… I am convinced that Tsi-Ahga will, without a doubt, entirely eclipse every other natural health supplement ever produced.”

The Debate: Modern pharmaceutical drugs are developed for specific effects for a targeted physiological function. They are potent and usually toxic to other areas of the body. Tsi-Ahga Supplements utilize the holistic properties of plants – often having multiple or combined benefits. Says Cloudpiler, “Small amounts of many active ingredients blended over millennia by the Earth Mother, acting together, have potent effects without toxicity.”

For generations the political medical stance has been at odds with traditional remedies, (food, supplements, vitamins, and minerals), but now JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) has even conceded, “Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone…it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements.” (Robert D. Fletcher, MD and Kathleen M. Fairfield MD, JAMA, June 19, 2002)

The dialogue will continue to rage for many more years, sadly at the cost of understanding the value of both sides. Obviously, the answer is “balance and moderation in all things” and most wise people come to terms with the value of a complementary approach.

The Answer: The following list illustrates the many different complaints and medical issues for which the principle mechanisms of action in Tsi-Ahga have been studied and for which positive results have been reported: Anti-infective; Anti-neoplastic; Abdominal adhesions; Abdominal Sepsis; Adjuvant Aging; Antibiotic; Antimicrobial; Antioxidant; Arthritis; Artheriosclerosis; Auto-Immune Diseases; Bacterial Infection; Boils; Bone Marrow Proliferation; Cancer ;C. albicans; Candidiasis;Carcinoma; Chemotherapy; CFS; Cytokine Release; Decubitus Ulcer; Dermititis; E coli; Fybromyalgia; Free Radicals; Fungal Infection; Heart Disease; Hemopoietic Recovery; Hepatic Metastasis; Hepatitis; Herpes simplex; Hyperlipidemia; Interleukin Prod.; Immune Response; Infection Klebsiella; Leprosy; Leukemia; Macrophage Activation; Malaria; Melanoma; Microparasistic Dis.;Modulation; Multiple Sclerosis; Neoplasia; Nitric Oxide Prod.; Pancreatitis; Paracoccidiomycosis; Parasitic Infection; Peritonitis; Phagocytic Receptors; Platelet Prod.; Platelet Recovery; Pneumonia; Pulmonary Defense Radiation Safety (FDA); Sarcoma; Sepsis; Septic Shock ;Skin Damage; Skin Revitalization; Staphylococcus; Streptococcus; Stress; Trauma; Trypanaosoma; TNF; Tumors; Ulcers; Viral Infection; Visceral Leishmaniasis; White Blood Cells; Wound Healing; Yeast Infection

*See Disclaimer . Research citations and user’s testimonials are available.

Dr. Landis (Cloudpiler) is a National Board Certified Naturopath and Hereditary Medicine Chief of the Numi’Pu Tsu’Peli Chopunish. He has formulated Tsi-Ahga™ using principles of Native American Medicine coupled with modern scientific verification. He currently mentors and teaches Health Professionals and Lay people from all parts of the world and has compiled a catalogue of the health benefits of Tsi-Ahga. A few of its properties are listed here.

1. Prevents hardening of the arteries.
2. Protects the heart muscle.
3. Anti-depressant – gives sense of well being.
4. Anti-Parkinson, Anti-Alzheimer and other forms of dementia.
5. Prevents and arrests fungus.
6. Prevents bacterial infections.
7. Viral fighters and prevention of infections.
8. Prevents gum disease and tooth decay.
9. Lowers fevers.
10. Eye Care – prevents glaucoma and cataracts (Free radical damage)
11. Pansystemic – A sysnergistic effect on the whole body. Dietary supplement- helps in total body health.
12. Energy Boosters – Anti – Fatigue.
13. Anti-Aging.
14. Weight Loss – helps prevent obesity.
15. Lowers blood fat (Anti-lipidemic). Lowers blood cholesterol levels.
16. Anti-Tumor.
17. Cancer: According to extensive, peer-reviewed studies, Tsi-Ahga causes a systemic immune cascade that attacks and kills cancer cells. Tsi-Ahga’s powerful anti-oxidant prevent free radical damage to cells.
18. Lowers blood pressure.
19. Numerous references to “Immunomodulators and Immunostimulants”.
20. Blood sugar regulation.
21. Pancreas recovery.
22. When added to juices it tastes good! No acquired taste required. Easy for children to tolerate and good for home or while traveling.

Scavengers: By now most people have become aware of antioxidants and free radicals. Simply put, free radicals are oxygen atoms or oxygenated molecules missing an electron. They are unstable and seek to regain stability by gaining that extra electron. To do so they must attach to the electrons found in the compounds from which cells are constructed. This changes the shape and function of the cells. These changes cause damage to cellular structures such as DNA, ribosomes, mitochondria, RNA, and so forth.

Free radicals are unstable but seek stability. They enter the body through the air (especially from exhaust and cigarette smoke), the food we eat (notably processed foods), and are by-products of our own body’s attempt to metabolize the garbage in the food we eat and the drugs we consume. We cannot run from them and, although we may try to ignore them, they will never go away.

The body is made up of cells, tissues, organs and whole organ systems – becoming prey for these unstable free radicals. In their search for the extra electron they require they relentlessly attack cells. They are like barracudas, and often cause damage which is difficult for the body to repair. Free radicals “rape, pillage and plunder.” Virtually all known health problems are caused by “pollutants, infection and poor eating choices.” It is estimated that each of the trillions of cells in the body is attacked over 10,000 times a day. These harmful free radicals are in abundance everywhere.

To the Rescue: An antioxidant is a molecule or even a single atom with an extra electron(s). Antioxidants are needed in vast quantities. These extra electrons stabilize free radicals. They mop up and help repair the damage. Vitamins C, A, and E contain antioxidants, as do minerals such as germanium. The body’s immune system produces a great deal of antioxidants and make their impact upon every known disease or illness. Tsi-Ahga is loaded with germanium, one of the most powerful antioxidant substances known, and the Beta-glucan molecules in taiga cause a system immune modulation and response cascade. In other words, Tsi-Ahga causes the body to produce a vast number of the specific immune cells needed to make proper use of the antioxidants found in the food you eat, and at the same time it provides a powerful source of antioxidant germanium that you would not normally be able to acquire in any other way.

Tsi-Ahga helps the cardiovascular system, the gastro-intestinal system, the immune system, the respiratory system, the nervous system, the skin, and so forth. Tsi-Ahga phytoceuticals are truly holistic and “pan-systemic.”

Beta – glucans: Major pharmacological studies from numerous American and European universities and hospitals have uncovered these healing and beneficial properties of Tsi-Ahga. Beta-glucans: antidepressant, anti-diabetic, anti-leukemic, antimicrobial (fungus, bacteria, and virus), anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, regulates blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, promotes healing, etc. The Beta-glucans in Tsi-Ahga have been scientifically found to regulate production and function of basophil and eosinophil white blood cells, reducing inflammation, pain and fever. Beta-glucans are biologically active molecules. Tsi-Ahga contains over 90,000,000 molecules in every serving. No other single source comes close.

Why Not?: Many people might wonder why all of this good information about the quantity and the quality of the Beta-glucans and other phytoceuticals in Tsi-Ahga, has not been made available to the world sooner.

The simple answer is that production of Beta-glucan products has been bogged down in the costly process of obtaining the molecules from the cell walls of yeast. Only recently was it discovered that one of the Sacred Plants of the Native Americans contained vastly greater amounts of this important compound than any other source. Additionally, only recently have the Medicine Men and Women of the Northern Plateau given approval of its formulation and distribution outside of their own communities. It has taken this discovery, the far-reaching impact, and the right team of people and companies to make Tsi-Ahga commercially available.

Take Tsi-Ahga.

Disclaimer: No medical advise is given or implied. In all health aspects, the advice of competent licensed medical professionals should be sought. Your results may vary. Consult your health care professional before administering; especially to individuals who are pregnant, lactating, who may have low blood sugar, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, or compromised kidney or liver function. Black Cumin Oil is known to lower blood pressure.

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